We encourage a guided tour where your questions can be answered before enrolling your child. Call today for an appointment!
Enrollment Fee: $50.00 per child   
                            $75.00 per family 
Full Day Rates
Half Day Rates
Included in Tuition Rates:
Diapers & Wipes
Baby Food & Formula
Crib Sheets
Sleeping Mat
        School Age Tuition Rates

School age kids tuition rate: $50 per week 

2 school age children tuition rate: $75 per week

Included in tuition rate:
Breakfast before school
Bus transportation to and from school
Afternoon snack

Note:  No Discount for newborn - 1 year old

No Discounts unless both children attend full time.
2 children enrolled will receive a 10% discount on the oldest child.
3 or more children enrolled will receive 10% discount of total tuition (excluding infants birth through 1 year)
**Children should be potty trained before moving to the 3-4 yr-old room.  Until children are out of diapers, the 2-yr-old rate will apply.
Enrollment Packets
To enroll your child or to print forms please visit the following links: