Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures at 2 Grandmas are created based on state regulations and implemented by Miss Debbie  If you have any issues regarding such, please do not address with the teachers. You can make an appointment to talk to the administrators or drop a note in the director's incoming mail bin outside the administrator's office.
                                                   Nap Time Bedding
Should be taken home each Friday and brought back clean on Monday.  
A call should be made to the center when your child will be absent. If no call is made by 9:00 a.m, you will receive a call from the director. Any special instructions for the day, please fill out a parent information sheet. *****For record keeping purposes put the dates that the check covers in the memo section*****
                                               Meeting with Director
Meetings with parents are scheduled in the morning before they go to work and in the afternoon. Therefore we are asking that you be courteous to us and other parents and knock before walking into our office door.                                           
                                             Entering the Building
Please remember the programmable lock is for the protection of the center. We have replaced the lock 3 times because children hang on the handle while waiting for their parents to get to the door and the spring in the handle gets broken.  Also, do not share the combination with anyone including your children.  The safety of the center is compromised by every person who has the combination that does not need it on a daily basis.