Meals Times
 Meals served at:
 Breakfast:    8:00 a.m.
 Lunch:         11:00 a.m.
 Snack:          2:00 p.m.
 Late Snack:  4:45 p.m.
During the school year:  School aged  breakfast is served at 7:15 so they can be ready to board the bus at 7:45
Food Program
2 Grandmas is enrolled in the CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program).  We believe in offering children healthy choices to ensure their growth and development.   
The Bumble Bee and Frog Room sing this song each time they eat!
 (Using their hands)                                     
Open, shut them
Open, shut them
give them a little clap clap clap
Open, shut them
Open, shut them
put them in your lap lap lap
Please and thank you are what we say when we get together everyday
bon appetite we may eat!
The cook prepares a menu for four weeks. They make sure to prepare the menu based on the food meal pattern outlined by the CACFP. 
Let us know if your child has food allergies or if you don't want your child to eat certain things on the menu

Monthly menu is available upon request.