May 2021

Face Masks still required at Child Care Centers

The recent Supreme Court decision is striking down the statewide face covering requirement does not affect DCF’s (Wisconsin Department of Children and Families) requirement for mask compliance.  Based on the WI Department of Health Services (DHS) mask guidance, providers are still required to wear face masks under DCF 250.04(2)(i).b.251.04(2)(m) and 252.41(1)(m), which state that providers must ensure that any action, by commission or omission, or any condition or occurrence relating to the operation or maintenance of the program does not adversely affect the health, safety, or welfare of any child under the care of the license.  In addition, child care programs are required to follow any current local municipality orders.

Breakfast is at 8:00

If children are eating in the car on the way to the center, please have them finish eating in the car.  It’s not fair to the other children to have someone eat in front of them. 

No outside Toys

Children do not like sharing their toys brought from home, which causes disagreements.  A toy from home can get mixed in with the center toys.  We asked that you do not allow your child to bring toys to the center unless notified by the teacher classroom is having “show and tell”.

Parking Lot etiquette

We have large trucks using the same parking lot as the center.  Please do not allow your child to open the door and go out ahead of you into the parking lot.  Have your child go directly to your car and get in.

Social Distancing

To avoid crowding and continue to practicing social distancing in the entrance hallway, if you see someone ahead of you going into the center, give them a few minutes to take temps and record it before you enter. 


Extra clothing is needed to stay at the center for accidents and spills.  The playground tends to leave a red residue on shoes, so please send old shoes to play outside.  Also, send a light weight jacket to keep here for the cooler mornings outside.




Please reference the following documents on the COVID-19 vaccinations.